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Thread: Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?

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    Default Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?

    Hi all! Here's a fun topic as we head into "Mother's Day"!

    How do you get along with your significant other's mom? Has she become like a second mother to you -- or rather is someone that has you ready to pull out your hair?

    For those with kids, do you view her advice as helpful or interfering?

    If distance separates you how do you foster your relationship?

    Finally, how do you handle Mother's Day? Do the two of you exchange gifts/cards? Do you have something special planned? Share!

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    I really don't like my MIL, she is very manipulating, I could go on and on I have many stories! I don't ask her for advice because I don't care for her advice, she thinks it's alright to give beer to babies!! DH doesn't even go out of his way to talk to her, we have not spoken since before Easter and DH has no intentions of call her anytime!! The whole thought of her makes my blood pressure raise!!! OMG!!! A gift is only exchanged on any occasion because of it's a nice thing to do and DH wants to do it.....anyways I hope other people have a better relationship with their MIL, I wish I did, but it's not possible at this point!

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