My Evap with a FRER

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My Evap with a FRER

I am definitely not trying but DH and I had another whoopsie moment so I was testing this month. I had a 3 pack of FRER's and each gave me the same line at 10DPO but AFTER the time frame, I think about 18-20 mins after (at first I got this whitish line in the timeframe). It's a pretty convincing evap I think, AF showed up on time so definitely not positive. Also the way I could tell it was an evap was shining a torch behind it and the greyish/purple line was a solid white line, no colour at all. Hoping this sort of result will help compare to a real faint positive (the one where it turns up in the time frame and has colour).

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For those who have a habit of re-checking tests after the time frame (I'm guilty as charged) thsi is a good reason NOT to! The picture looks very convincing and if AF hadn't arrived I would definitely wonder. TFS!

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This is def a good one for evap comparison pics.

(Oh, and Michelle, glad your not preggo Wink )

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Dollar Tree evap (test line on left)

11dpo bfp from 1 year ago (yes it was a true pregnancy) (test line on left)

and (as always) the lines are/were darker in person. :confused:

I'm probably going to the dollar store again today to retest, just to be sure. Lol I DON'T want to be pregnant for those that care to know. Lol