Need Advice!!

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Need Advice!!

I am 11 days late today... I have a 30 day cycle.. that comes like clockwork.. every 6 months or so.. I will have a 31 day cycle.. but its rare.. and never more than that... Im never late.. and have most certainly never been this late. Ive had mild mild cramping off and on for the last week... I tested at 7 days late.. BFN... tested this morning BFN... I dont have medical insurance.. so Im avoiding going to the doctor until I absolutely have to.

My cousin tested negative until she was 3 weeks late and finally got her positive... Any advice??

Is it possible that I am pregnant??

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Go to planned parenthood and get a test there

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I would guess you ovulated late for some reason this month. Wait a few days and test again.

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Sounds like what happened to me when my hormones got all wonky. Maybe you have an ovarian cyst or something. You may just need a 10 day Provera cycle to get things rollin' again.

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Either way I'd say go see a doc, get a test from there and then see what happens.