New to OPKs - Positive?

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New to OPKs - Positive?

Got an obvious BFN last night and then took this this morning. Looks like a BFP to me. IRL the test line is obviously darker than the control line. What do you ladies think?

Also, I'm new to OPKs and haven't TTC in a while, so does this mean I'll O tonight or tomorrow? DH and I are avoiding right now and were thinking of DTD since today is CD21, but looks like we should probably hold out for a couple more days. :eek:

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It definitely looks positive to me, which usually means you should O in like 12 to 48 hours. When I was charting and using OPK's I would usually O the day after a + OPK and would see that as more typical but sometimes it can be 2 days.

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You should BD today! And tomorrow if you can. You want the sperm ready there to meet the egg, not DTD after the egg is released.

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You'll probably ovulate within a few days so use protection for about a week if you really want to avoid.

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Definitely positive. I usually O 24 to 36 hours after my first positive.

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Thanks for all the help ladies. It's amazing how quickly you forget all the details. I just wanted to be sure Smile