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    Red face No Pics, Ladies, Just a Question...

    Why does everyone hate blue dyes so much?

    Would someone be willing to explain the difference between pink and blue dyes for me?

    Thank you!!!

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    more false positives. Read this:

    Outlaw the blue dye tests!!!! Read me now now now!!!
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    I have seen the false positives with others. I can say, it seems most false positives have narrow or very faint lines.....but we always say "A line is a line", because it should be that way. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the blue dye tests anymore. So many women have been hurt by those crazy false positives that we have a hard time believing those blue tests anymore. Now, I posted a pic of my clearblue easy blue dye test on this board this morning. You can see the very full line that actually looks like it stole dye from the other line in the same window. Most blue dyes are not like this. When we see that type of result on a blue dye though, we tend to call that a positive. Also, you will see many here would like a back-up pic of a pink dye test. Not because they don't believe that dark blue test, but for the sanity of the lady who posted that test. We never want to see anyone get hurt by a false test. Whether it is blue or pink (tho blue is known for fals results more so than pink).

    I hope this helps answer your questions.

    Oh yeah, and how can I forget to add that we are all POAS addicts or pushers...or both. So asking for more test lines is the "normal" around here. We just love lines

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    Ditto - we like lines. We are POAS-pushers. This is "normal". (huh? I'm thinking not so normal!) But we addicts need each other
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