Not sure if I'm pregnant

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Not sure if I'm pregnant

Hey all,

I had unprotected sex on the 14th of November, I was on the combined oral contraceptive and missed the pill on the 14th and took it roughly 48 hours after my last one. I went off the pill at the end of the course, end of November and my period didn't come. So I went back on the pill after 7 days of it not coming and started taking pregnancy tests. They came up negative except for this on the 15th of December which I'm not sure about. I went to my Drs on the 19th of December and they did a test and it came up negative. They have told me to take one on the 29th to confirm that I'm not pregnant but what are the chances that I am?

Thats the one thats making me thing there is a positive....


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If there are several tests, including the doctor's coming up negative a month after the sex, I would say that one test is faulty and the rest are accurate. At one month after conception you should be getting a blazing positive. And, I believe the blue ones are known to give some false positives.

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blue tests can be evil and the line is not in the centre, you are not pregnant.

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Those blue dye tests are notoriously evil. I would say that if you have gotten multiple negatives after getting that one positive including a test at your drs office, you are probably not pregnant. Good luck; I hope you get the answer you want!