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Please tell me you see it too b/c I have taken like 10 of these over the past week and I swear I am going nuts. I am 18 DPO so I feel like I should have had one by now.

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I see it and no squinting required!!!

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Yup, I see 2 lines ;). Congrats!!

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Yes yes yes yes!! Yahoo

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:thewave: Congrats! Biggrin

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Well if that wasn't a perfect positive I don't know what would be! Smile Congrats!

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"demon_misses16" wrote:

Well if that wasn't a perfect positive I don't know what would be! Smile Congrats!

Thank you! I guess I felt like maybe I was reading too much into it since I couldn't see anything yesterday morning when I tested right when I woke up. I figured I misread my cycle and I tried not to get my hopes up. I was shocked to see this today when I tested at lunchtime. It was my last test and I was like, "Well, what the hell..." Then I got this!

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No squinting required!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

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ROFL Okay, before you all think I'm out of my flipping mind I'll edit this post and say A GREAT BIG Congratulations to the OPer!!!

And let you all know that this is why I NEVER keep more than 1 PO page open at a time. My OP was meant for my BB chat thread but I have the attention span of a 2 year old!!!!

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Nice line. Congrats!

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Pretty line! Congrats!

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Beautiful line. Congrats! Smile

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Yahoo Congrats!!!

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NO doubt on that one. Look's just like the one I had with my first. Congrats darling.:yahoo:

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Super! Couldn't be more positive!

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Congrats! Nice lines Smile A HH9M to you!

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I agree with the others. No doubt about that line!! Congrats!! What a beautiful line you have!! Smile

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No squinting required - that's a total BFP!!! Congrats and HH9M!!!

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Where have I been? That's a beautiful line! Congrats!