Opinions on different brands of tests

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Opinions on different brands of tests

Which brand of test do you guys prefer? Is the Answer brand as realible as the FRER?

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I personally like the first response tests. I use dollar general sometimes too, but I don't feel like they are as reliable as FR.

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I like to see anything with lines Smile

But it seems to me that we get good results from FRER's.

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I always trust FRER - not so much the Answer brand.

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FRER's and IC's are my favorites. On my last baby I actually got a + with my IC a day before the FRER picked it up. I like to waste $ Tree tests too. I'm an addict with a problem though Biggrin

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I can't really say that I have a favorite. When I tested with DD I used an Equate brand test from Walmart. Now that I think about it I think it was a blue dye test (....Bad I know!). It worked though.

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Ugh. I have no faith in FRER tests. With this pregnancy, I tested the morning AF was due and BFN. 3 days later I got a BFP with evening urine on an Equate +/- test.

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I, too, love FRER's! Though I also like IC's for the initial (inevitably early :rolleyes:) testing.

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I got a false + (or chemical) on an answer so I don't trust those as much. I say go with an FRER!

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I used FRER with my first pregnancy, and liked them. Now I used ICs and Answer, because I waste too many sticks by testing early. Smile

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FRER, never gotten a false positive with them and they always were able to tell me the earliest. I just wouldn't test with one and then another if you are looking for the line to get darker b/c it can be dark on one brand but not another b/c each brand requires a diff. amount of HCG.

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I used a equate test (blue dye) with Hunter, it showed positive, then took 3 more FRER tests!! I didn't believe I was pregnant after 12 cycles!!
The FRER are cleary and nicer.

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IC's and FRER's are the way to go IMO. This time around I only did the IC's. With my first pregnancy I confirmed with a digi. Good Luck!

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I like FRERS and Answer brand but I didn't get a obvious pink line until after 12 DPO with them both. So my favorites are Dollar Tree/New Choice.

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I like ICs and FRERs to confirm!

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I use ICs until I get a couple faint bfps, then I get an FRER and a digi to confirm. I don't waste my money on the expensive ones until I think I'll get a bfp.