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saw a little EWCM the last day or two, so I decided to test. Funny because we decided this month and next month we were going to JLIH :). The first one is yesterday evening, 2nd is from last night and the 3rd from this morning. After taking the first test yesterday, I realized all the other times I thought my opks were positive, they weren't. When I took all three of these the test line popped up as the dye went across. Where as all the other tests the control line would come up and the test line would slowly get darker. Finally a positive!!:yahoo: We BD last night, but I'm not sure if we should again tonight or tomorrow? any thoughts?


Sorry the pic is so big. I'm on my phone. Better camera on it than my digital camera lol Smile

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Definitely positives! I didn't see your post until this morning so it's a little late, but we usually aim to bd the day of the first positive and then at least one more time before my temp shift.

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Nice OPKs! When I had my positives, I always BD the day of the positive and the day after. Hope you caught that eggie!

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We dtd thursday, Friday and Saturday just to be safe. Crossing my fingers!

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Nice long surge! I hope your BD sessions were successful Smile You can't say you didn't try this month Smile

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Ooooo, I hope you caught that eggie!! I hope we get to see a couple more pretty lines from you soon but of the BFP kind instead!!! GL!!!

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Good luck. When I was using OPKs we DTD the day before we got a positive and the day we got a positive. For us that was enough to get pregnant.

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