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OPK question

I thought you girls might be experts on this. If I'm on FSH (Puregon), will that skew the results of OPKs? Doesn't it cause LH to rise sooner/faster/more? Or am I confused (I thought I knew all there was but this one has me baffled).

Just asking because I ordered some pg tests which should come today in the mail and they come with some OPKs. I was going to take them even though I'm doing monitoring to see if what the blood tests say match the sticks.


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Rachael - I don't have a clue!!! But I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I have everything crossed for you!!!!

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I don't know. On most of my medicated cycles I tried to relax and let someone else do the testing. I know the meds did wonky things with my temps when I tried that, but I can't remember if any of them would show up on opks. If you've got the strips and want to test along with the blood results I would go for it! And then let us know! Wink

Good luck!