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OPK Question

I am new to this section & just have a few Q's about the Ovulation tests, I have the Wondfo ones. I just tested tonight CD8 because I am having some cramps I dont normally get mid month. It was only about 2.5 hours after last "bathroom break" and its definetly not positive, but Im wondering if it would be if it was 4hrs since last pee.

Do these get darker, like if I test tomorrow afternoon would it just continue to get darker until its positive? Thats the idea Im getting. last month it was definetly a + on CD17 but then again I also got a + pregnancy test at 11DPO but then AF at 12DPO with the same brand pg test so its a little hard to totally trust these!

I never used these last pg it happened right away for us. This is my 5th month trying so we grabbed them to try. I am on the fertilaid as well starting this month & just got our preseed since I dont seem to get much if any EWCM.

Im off Mirena for 6 months now and I dont know I think it may have messed me up. My LP seems to be ranging from 11-12 days and my ovulation days have been CD18 & CD23 on the months I have used the OPK, I am not charting - to much with DD around and my sleeping is all over the place.... so CD8 seems so early?

Any ideas? sorry there are so many Q's in here just trying to figure out what my body is doing here!

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First - welcome to pg.org!!!

You have a lot going on here!

I'm not an OPK expert but we definitely have a bunch of ladies who know a lot about this stuff.

I would recommend going to this board: http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboards/forumdisplay.php?f=51

And post your post there. The women are so supportive and helpful and I am sure one of them will be able to help you dissect your questions.

GL - I hope one of your future posts on here show some pretty lines!!!

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Welcome to the site. You will love it here.

Yes, your test will get darker until it is positive. I found that I hated the guessing game and went with digital ones instead. They are expensive, but so worth the money. I also invested in a fertility monitor that I got on ebay brand new for $75. Good luck

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Thanks ladies I will go post this over on the other board - hopefully Ill see you soon here!