Ovulation Question... Need your help!!!

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Ovulation Question... Need your help!!!

Ok Ladies, So I have been lurking on this sight for a long time. My name is Meg and I have 2DD. I have a question about ovulation and DTD and testing. Story is.... after being on the IUD, I had it removed in January because of the side effects. Since then, I was on the Nuvaring for birth control. Well, after talking to my husband about my "mental state" with hormones I decided to take myself off of all hormones and use condoms for protection. I removed the ring May 7th and had a light period the 10-13th. DH and I went on a kid free weekend the weekend of May 18th to 20th. Well, since I had extra OPA's I used one the afternoon of the 18th before we left and it was positive. I repeated it on the 19th and it was not as dark. I reminded DH I was/have ovulated and had to use protection. Well, The 19th we did not due to much liquor and "in the moment".... well, I really was not planning on trying for another kiddo yet, but DH is psyched! If it happens it happens.... it is a sign that it was meant to be. Question is.... since I really never had a period, I think, when do I test? I did buy some FR tonight by I don't what to waste them if it is too early. Anyone's help would be great. I figured I would ask you all, as this is the most active board I have been following. Thanks Ladies!

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I would say that you go from the 10th of May as CD1 even if it was a very light period...so I would think you could possibly test Tuesday. That would be 4 weeks from then....good luck!!

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that's a tough one! You could go with Holly's method, but that has you waiting another week. Or you could go from ovulation (the 19th maybe). For most women AF shows around 14 days after ovulation. If you have FR, some of them (check the box) are supposed to work up to 5 days before you missed period, which I think works out to 10 days after ovulation, or the 29th, which is tomorrow. But... that would be early and a BFN would not necessarily mean you weren't pregnant.
whenever you choose to test, good luck!

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I would try and wait until 14 days after you ovulated which would be this weekend. But if you have a FR you can test a few days sooner. Good luck!! I hope you get the answer that you are looking for.

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I would also wait 2 weeks after you O'd, just to be on the safe side.