POAS this am- no pics-

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POAS this am- no pics-

Hi girls...
Well I stopped the BCP last month. My LMP was on Aug 31th so I'm on day 32 today. Never had long cycles, NEVER. We used condoms so I wasn't worried about being pregnant but at day 32, couldn't take it anymore and tested this am with FMU. Result: BFN. I'm not surprised but I just wanted to make sure.
I took a blue dye test (I know you girls don't like them but they are cheaper ... 5$... and they worked for me with my first pregnancy). Anyways, just wanted to share my POAS experience this morning.
Hope my cycle gets back to normal so we can TTC in the near future. Usually my cycles off the pill are 21 days so 32 days is EXTRA LONG for me.

No pic added, there was just a line, no question there.