POAS Party!!!!! - 11/2/2012

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POAS Party!!!!! - 11/2/2012

:woohoo: Friday, Friday, Friday!!!! :woohoo:

Time for our weekly POAS party!


So, who is testing this weekend? Any fun pics to share? Where is everyone in their cycle?

Any other fun things to chat about?

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I'm supposed to be POAS tomorrow I think but we are having Carter's bday party and have rented a lake house so I'd rather not do it there. I'll wait until Sunday although I'm 99.9% sure it will be a BFN.

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I'm totally mid cycle right now...so no point in me even trying.

But hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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Susan - you could post OPKs if you're using them. I'll squint at anything! Lol

Jenni - Did you end up testing?