Is it positive?

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Is it positive?

Is this a positive?

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Dollar store tests make me nervous, BUT... it does "look" positive, I just wish the line was thicker, then I'd feel better :confused: I'm sure it's okay, though, it may just be my computer screen. Congrats!

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Looks promising to me! Definitely test again in the morning, but it looks good.

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Hmmm... I'm not sure. I see the line, but it doesn't look complete or pink. Did the line show right away?

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yep. It is pink on my end. Just really light pink. It got dark around 8 or so minutes

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I'd use a FRER tomorrow morning.

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Hmm, I think it looks ok to me. But please test again in the morning and repost so we can all shout really loudly our happy congrats your way!!

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I am not completely sure. Test again and KUP!! I hope this is it for you!!

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"Sassy112704" wrote:

I'd use a FRER tomorrow morning.

ITA!! Can't wait to see what the next one brings!

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Looks positive to me. Smile

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Test again tomorrow AM with a FRER. I don't trust $ store tests.

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I think it looks pretty promising too! Can't wait to see the next test!

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i see a line but i never use those tests before....

could you be preggers already, how exciting!!!!!! KUP with a FRER!!

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Thanks guys! I forgot to test this morning. It was really hectic in our house. I'll test again Saturday. That's the day AF is supposed to start.