Pretty OPKs

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Pretty OPKs

Since it's been fairly slow with the lines lately, and it's been forever since I've been able to post ANY lines, and since OPK lines are pretty too (if not AS pretty as those nice HPTs Biggrin ) I thought I'd share.

Progression - Last 2 are this morning and evening. Usually I go from no line to positive in about 24-36 hours, so this is a particularly LONG wait for me. :eek: Last 2 cycles, I've never gotten a "true" positive on these ICs, so I thought I had gotten a bad batch. Yay for finally getting there. And, even though the progress was slow, it is actually right on time....the rise just started sooner. :rolleyes:

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Nice progression! I have a fade in pattern with my opks as well. FX you catch that egg!

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Beautiful picture, Jean!

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Lovely! I'm really hoping this is it for you. Smile

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Go Jean!!!!! I hope this is it for you Smile

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Nice, Jean - love it!!! Hope you caught that eggie this time and the next lines we'll see are your BFP's!!! Crossing everything for you!!!!!

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nice progression! I always get a long fade-in like that. I hope it means this is a good O for you! Good luck!

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ME LIKEY!! :):)

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Nice!! Good luck

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Thanks ladies! DH and I are doing our very best. Wink

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Beautiful lines Jean!! I really hope this is it for you! Go get that eggie girl!

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Lovely! Fingers crossed that this is it, Jean!