progression in a day

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progression in a day

I've been having too much fun with IC tests. I'm still amazed when the second lines shows up. Here are my tests from the past 24 hours

9dpo was a BFN and the first from 10dpo I discarded as negative (but obviously checked again later). The most recent one came up pretty quickly and there's no question that it's pink. Smile

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Yay!! Congratulations and HH9M's !!! Yahoo

IDK, maybe it's just me but it looks like there is a hint of something on the 9DPO test too. Have you tried an invert?

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Maybe I should have said 9dpo was a "probably BFN". believe me, I stared and squinted and tried everything. I hesitated to call it a BFP because I wasn't sure of color and cheapies can have some nasty evaps. Wink

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Yay!!! :jumpingbeans: I've been waiting for your BFP!!!! Congrats and HH9M!!!!

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Congrats!! So happy for you!

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Woohoo! Big congrats mama! HH9ms to you! Smile

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Congratulations!! Biggrin

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congrats!!! hh9m!!! Smile

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mine looked like that when i found out i was pg with my daughter
congrats to you