So, you think I can trust this?

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So, you think I can trust this?

I think the first two are both from 14DPO (hardly anything there!), and then it's one a day since then, up to 20DPO today. Smile Nice huh?


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Nice progression!! Smile

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Very nice!

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Great progression Mara! Smile

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Very pretty progression pic! Yeah, I'm thinking they look pretty trustworthy! Wink

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Very nice!

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I knew we could count on you, Mara, for a nice progression pic!!! Totally fills my POAS-a-holic ways for the day!


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What a great picture Smile It looks like bean is doing well!

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I vote "yes." When I was pregnant I couldn't stop poas either. My husband threatened to have me committed...

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Nice! My progression pic only has 5 tests because thats when I ran out lol.

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Ha ha!!! Exactly!! This pic stops where it does because I ran out of tests!! I have one FRER left that is sort of calling my name... But... I don't know...

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Beautiful! Biggrin

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Beautiful progression!

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Awesome, congrats!!!