Sorry I have been MIA

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Sorry I have been MIA

But let's get this board moving again!

First things first - anyone who didn't get added to the Hall of Fame and would like to, let me know. You can comment here, or you can PM me.

Second of all, is there any interest in having weekly POAS parties again? We used to do them, but interest kind of waned. I thought they were fun though.

Any other ideas for getting the board hopping again? We also used to do POAS confessions (I would ask POAS questions and we'd all fess up to how crazy TTCing makes us, LOL) but I ran out of questions. I welcome people starting their own "True Confessions" threads though.

Bottom line, this board can be a hoot, so let's get it moving again. I promise to be a better host!

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I am SO in!!!!