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I honestly don't know what DPO I am, but based on a regularly CD12 O, I am likely 7DPO.

They apparently look like BFN, but then I did think I saw the very faintest of faint lines there. I doubt you'll be able to see anything much of any test lines in these pics...but at least they are clear and not from my iPhone LOL! Here are the 2 pictures for your viewing pleasure and maybe speculation:

Sorry they are small, tried to get clear ones but that meant taking them a little further out than I'd like!

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YEP I can see that!! go get some more!!!!!
FRER tmrw. I'll wake up early just to come look on here.
I'll even POAS myself. heheh..

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No way, Cait!!! IRL, I can hardly even see a line, never mind in the pics, hahaha!

Sorry to disappoint but I'm probably gonna wait until I *really* see a pinker line on the ICs first before buying a FRER. Just don't wanna disappoint myself.

I really hope it's a BFP tho....I've never had a BFP this early (at most 7DPO) and if it truly is a BFP, I feel like I'm more likely to have a sticky bean (last couple of times, they were 13 and 17DPO and were both losses).

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Sophia when I looked on my iphone as was able to zoom in i am sure I saw something too!!
Remember those tests can take AGES to get darker!!
If you have a line on it...there will 'probably' be a line on a FRER...not always..but!!
I so hope this is it hun!!!!
Fingers crossed

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I can't believe it but I can actually see it! when I first opened the window I saw the small pics and was like "I'm definitely not going to be able to see any....WAIT I see it!!" hahaha Can't wait to see another test in a couple days! Biggrin

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Aww man, I can't see! My eyesight is terrible and I don't have my contacts in and I can't find my glasses. Did you test again this morning? I can't wait to see! Biggrin

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I don't see anything yet either, BUT, I am one the worst squinters ever, even more so since I had Lasik done! I have my fingers crossed for you though Sophia and will be checking back to see if there are any bigger, clearer, more obvious BFP pics to ogle in the coming days Biggrin

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I don't see anything in those pics...but they are so little!!! Will look forward to seeing more sticks from you!

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When I blow it up, I think I see something faint but IDK.

Can't wait to see more lines and sending ToNS of BFP dust!!

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I try to trick my phone, I'll let it focus far out then move it in before I finish the click. hehe

I can't see anything, but it's just too far away for me.

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At a second glance, I'm pretty sure I can see the faint line in the top picture. I hope this is it for you!

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Oh Sophia..how I wish it was bigger! lol KUP I have everything crossed for ya hun! Biggrin

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Sophia - I've got everything crossed for you! :goodluck:

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Well today was snow white BFN. Still very early, at most 8DPO. Still been having nausea for no apparent reason. I'll just keep testing.

I may get a FRER over the weekend, just to see. After all, these ICs *have* expired.....

Thanks ladies, I keep on hopin'.

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*sings* Just wishin', and hopin', and thinkin' and prayin'............
Off to enlarge and squint at the first pics. Fingers crossed here Lovey.

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I see sumthin!! Just sayin Wink

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I really hope this is it for you, Sophia! I vote FRER!

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What she said! Fingers and toes crossed for you Sophia.

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I see a line in both!

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I totally see a line in the first pic. Its super.faint and I had to.zoom.in on my droid but I see it.

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Oh Sophia - I'm keeping everything crossed for you!!! I've been stalking you with some of my other TTC stalkees and you have gone through so much and waited so long for this - I hope this is it for you!!!! Please KUP!!!

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I def see a line on the first one!!

Did you test again over the weekend???


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I hope this is it Sophia! Every appendage is crossed--good luck!!!

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Thanks ladies, you have all been so kind. *hugs* I have been testing on and off (mainly b/c it depends on my DD and if I remember to test before rushing off to pee so that I can deal with her LOL).

Mostly snow white BFNs so far, today was like the test I posted at the very beginning...*looks* like you could see something but not sure....I am starting to wonder if they are evaps b/c they are slightly expired ICs (July 2011). Unfortunately, I had no time to take the pic today and threw it out.

I just hope I will see some real lines. I will probably wait until AF is due before testing with a FRER. I hope for a sticky bean.

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It appears AF is on her way, I'm sad of course, but glad to have all you ladies so supportive. Guessing that early on POAS stick was just an evap, since I had nothing after that. I feel bad tho, I didn't mean to string anyone along but I really did think maybe it was a possibility, since I was also nauseous during that time.

Thanks everyone.

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Goodness gracious, don't apologize!!! I'm sorry this month wasn't the month for you!

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Sorry Sophia :bigarmhug:

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Hugs Sophia!

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Sorry Sophia