The stupid test

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The stupid test

I found a HPT under my sink today. I think it's from about 7 months ago? I don't know for sure but I tested today with it... Not FMU or anything but I'm 19 dpo. It's a cheapo brand but I'm not freaking out a little. The line is SO faint Sad

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don't worry about it, there could be two causes. First the darkness of the line does not prove how viable the pregnancy is. Second the test could be not as sensitive as others, and a third reason is the test could be expired.

Your betas are what counts.

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Uh, hun, that is *not* a faint line. The vertical (the one that actually matters) stole all the dye from the horizontal. I've used those when my test was negative, had no vertical at all (of course, negative) and the horizontal was still faint like that. The vertical is what is supposed to show up dark, and yours is SUPER dark.

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I was about to point out the same thing as SandiCarr.

That is a very PURDY line!

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I was going to say the same thing, too! Beautiful dark line! You're right, though... the control line is awfully faint. Wink

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Hahaha I am silly! Thanks. Must have pregnancy brain!

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looks beautiful to me!!

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Congratulations!!!! That most certainly is a positive!

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Can't get more positive than that!

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Just lurking but I wanted to comment!

Like the ladies said the vertical line is the only line that matters with those tests! When I took my first ever pregnancy test it looked like just like that and I thought it was faulty because there was only a hint of the horizonal line and a very dark vertical line! I took a digit and right away said "pregnant." Turns out I was 10 weeks along when I took my test and that is why it was soo dark Wink Congrats and HH9Ms to you!

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Yup what the others have said- it's the vertical line that matters and that's super dark!!!