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Okay so here's the deal. I'm on the nuvaring right now but my DH and I have been using withdrawal too because we want to be super cautious. This month we had two times where we didn't withdrawal. I thought I was feeling some ovary twinges/ o pains around the times we didn't withdrawal but I just dismissed it as a nuvaring side effect. The last few days I've felt off and especially like I could smell everything. (which might just be because I just got over a cold a couple weeks ago) So yesterday morning (10 days past last unprotected sex) I thought OMG just take a test so you can stop worrying. Unfortunately I only had a blue dye test and I had stupidly already peed like 3x that morning. Regardless I pulled out the test and tried to pee on it without holding for any amount of time. I guess I didn't have that much pee left in me because I only had enough urine to hold it in the flow for like 3 seconds tops. I told myself since it was a blue dye test I wouldn't worry unless it was super dark. Well so much for that. A VERY light line started to pop up after 3 minutes. Anyway I'd already have gone out and bought a pink dye test today if I had a car but I don't so instead I'm just obsessing. Here's the link to the picture (which of course as always is much more noticeable in person). I think you can see it better if you invert it. What do you ladies think?
Pregnancy Test Gallery - Image #92591 | Countdown to Pregnancy

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I do see a hint of a line! I would get a FRER just to be sure Smile

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I see the line you're talking about, but I think it's one of those nasty blue dye evaps. It's really thin... I would definitely try and get a pink dye test though, just to be sure so you can stop worrying! GL!

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I barely see kinda looks like an evap on the invert. But you didn't hold it in your urine stream long enough and your HCG would prob not have been concentrated enough to show up. So test again with FMU and a FRER! Smile Good luck!

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I think it's most likely a blue dye false line. I see it but it looks thin and darker on on the bottom than top. Still if you were only 10 dpo and you didn't use FMU you should test again if you still feel symptoms. But since you are on the nuvaring you are most llikely protected even if dh didn't withdraw.

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Eeeek! Definitely test again and post pictures ASAP. I can barely see something, but I know blue dyes give nasty evaps. Good luck, Ash!

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Well I took a FRER yesterday and snow white BFN! I'm relieved because we don't want anymore. But of course I'm a little disappointed too. I got weirdly attached to the imaginary bean. But it's for the best!

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Sorry about the bfn, even if it wasn't something you were planning. *Hugs*