Tell me I'm not crazy (pic) [update on post 5]

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Tell me I'm not crazy (pic) [update on post 5]

I tested yesterday and it was undeniably negative. I tested again this morning (8dpo) and got this super faint line, but part of me is afraid I'm imagining it. I need confirmation that its there.

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I see it, but I personally don't trust FRERs. They say over 40 you could get a false positive and I did.

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I see the little faint line!!! I see it! Congrats! HH9M keep testing and watching it get darker!

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I see it for sure! I've never had a false positive on a FRER (excepting an evap line on one I dug outta the trash hours later, but let's not go there). I've heard the over 40 thing though since they are very sensitive. But I'm betting ur preggers! I'd test again tomorrow bc 8 dpo is super early to test and I bet you get a darker line. GL!

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I'm 33. Not young, but shy of 40, so hopefully not a false positive. They do have that disclaimer in their brochure about the possibility of false positives if you are over 40. I'm sorry that happened to you.

Since I am a POAS addict, I tested again already. Yes, I'm that crazy.

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Congrats!!!! HH9M! Nice progression.

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Yay! I see both and it's getting darker!


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Looks great..getting darker!!!! Congrats! Smile

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I can't tell you your not crazy because it's just not true Blum 3 But I do see the line

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Looking good!!! Congratulations :):)

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Congrats that a good line for 8dpo

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COngrats! Those are lines to me!

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I see it! Congrats.