took this yesterday

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took this yesterday

well here it is....

as soon as line showed up

and about 5 min

i think according to my chart i would only be 14 dpo today, i only tested on a whim. is this way dark for 13 dpo? looks darker in person and this am is dark too.
i will post this am frer later as i haven't told Dh yet!
trying to come up with a good way to tell him.
February here we come!!

here is todays

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Congrats! Those are positive!

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Yep! Those are both good test and nice dark lines! Congrats! It's about time we see a test

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Awesome!! Congrats

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Thanks everyone, i am so nervous tho, Dh was surprised when I told him on Fathers day!

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Those are beautiful lines! Wishing you a successful pregnancy!