True Confessions!!!! - 09/10/12

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True Confessions!!!! - 09/10/12

Okay POAS addicts! Time for some True Confessions...:D:D:D (Don't worry, we won't tell anyone....)

Fess up!

What is the earliest (example 6 dpo) that you have ever tested?

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I think my earliest was 8 dpo. I think the reasoning was "Some people get a very faint positive on 9 dpo, so it could happen on 8 dpo too, right?" Biggrin

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Um....3 dpo. :goofy: Just to be clear, I didn't actually expect to see a bfp...I just wanted to pee on something cuz I'm crazy like that. Wink LOL

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LOL Jina. Sometimes you just have to pee on something...;)

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8 dpo is my earliest and I didn't expect to really see a bfp even if I was pg. If I really feel like I need to pee on something before that I use OPKs.

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I do believe, if I was charting/temping/etc.. I'd probably POAS everyday after DTD.

But that's just me. LOL!

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7dpo. I knew it would be BFN but had to get it out of my system.

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5dpo. I sooooo wanted to be one of those freak women that get a faint faint line. Wink

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5 dpo here too!

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I POAS at 6dpo with DS1, just because I HAD to get it out of my system. Then I made myself wait until 10dpo to test again and it was positive! Biggrin Nowadays, I try to wait until 8dpo.

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Erm.... I can't believe I am going to tell you this... I just poas even though I have a hugely heavy af because I have been peeing a lot today!!!
That and boredom I guess hahaha!!!

I think I need professional help!!!!!

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Bahahahaha Liz! I have POAS post-AF too, just "to be sure." I had a super light period so I thought "what if...?" Biggrin

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last month it was as if AF would never leave.. this month it was super short and really light (totally not the norm for me) I was very tempted to poas!

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My periods have many times been unpredictable so I've taken hpts all over the place. Once I took one, got a positive, and it turned out that I was only ovulating. It must have been either a faulty test or an evap line looking JUST LIKE a positive. It was an Answer, pink dye test. If I knew when I O'd then I've tested even around 7 dpo.