True Confessions!!!!! - 10/15/2012

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True Confessions!!!!! - 10/15/2012

Okay you POAS addicts! It is true confessions time again!!!! Secret

Fess up!!!!

Does your husband/partner/significant other know how often you test?

PS - I am running out of confession questions! If anyone can think of any that we haven't done yet, please post them here or PM me. Thanks!

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I don't test any more (although I keep meaning to do it again because I'm still interested in the hook effect) but yes and no. I didn't really talk to my husband about the OPKs because I figured he would think that was a putting, like we're not having sex because we want to, we're having sex because I peed on something, and it says to. It is a little off putting when you think about it like that...I didn't keep it a secret or anything, I just also never said anything like "The stick says it's go time. Put out!" Lol We just didn't really talk about it.

He did know how often and early I took the prg tests, which he still teases me about. Biggrin

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If he does he ignores it!!!
But knowing him if he did actually know he would go bizerk!!...wasting money and all that...hahahahahaha!!
I can't spell bizerk!! LOL

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Pretty much right there with you Alissa, no to the OPK's, yes to the HPT's! He even feeds my obsession and buys them for me. My POAS days are coming to an end though. If this wee bean sticks we are done. Smile