True Confessions!!!!! - 11/5/2012

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True Confessions!!!!! - 11/5/2012

Okay gals! Time once again to Fess Up! Secret

For you OPK users, how early do you start using them?

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According to the photo evidence from my last cycle (which was the one we conceived), I started at CD 10. That was the first time I'd ever used OPKs.

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CD10 or 11/ I always O right around CD15 so not too worried if I start a day or so late, it's more to double check

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CD 9. I usually O on CD13, but I want to make sure I don't pop one early.

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Well....haha. Since no one has any clue with my cycles, I usually do all month long. There aren't really "true" cycle days for me, or mine could get into the 90-100 range sometimes. I've gotten a couple positives since I started with the digi's, but they are smudgey on the stick. Have no idea whether that's a real positive, or a faulty test. The company says to ignore how the lines look...but i'm still iffy!

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When I used them, I always started on CD 10. I usually O around CD 17, so that was a week of staring at blank sticks, which is plenty.

Susan - Haha, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to ignore the lines on digital tests. Hard to do, isn't it!

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CD 10 for me. But sometimes I just randomly want to pee on something so I do it early or late...hahaha