True Confessions - 12/3/2012

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True Confessions - 12/3/2012

Okay POAS addicts! Time to fess up! Secret

In a perfect world (if money, medical issues, et cetera were no option) how many kiddos would you have?

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Hmm, I think 5 or 6.

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Well since this will be our 7th living child if everything goes well we are already quite ahead of the curve. We sacrifice (dont buy new cars, take expensive vacas, etc) to have our big family though and it would be wonderful not to have to do that. If I didn't have to worry about money or medical issues would I have another? Maybe? If a housekeeper were a possibility and maybe a cook (you did say money wasn't an issue??!!) then I might consider it. Otherwise though its tough to keep up with them all!

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I would have had 3 children, in a perfect world that is. Wink

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4 Smile

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I'd probably be a Duggar type. Smile

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I would love to have 4 or 5!!!!

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I used to say 2, maybe 3 max. DH and I have both agreed that we'll just go with the flow and stop when we feel like our family is complete!

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I think 4. I realized once after lurking on the large family board, that even if money weren't an issue, I don't want to have to worry about special vehicles big enough to transport my whole family. 6 of us could still fit in one normal minivan or whatever. I would love to have two more babies, oh yes, I would! I *really* hope I feel that sense of "we're all here" after 1 or 2 more babies, because it's going to suck otherwise!

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Haha... Transport van. Very good point!

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I *think* we will be done (and feel done, not just "done for practical reasons") at 2. I love the idea of siblings (I am close to my brother and can't imagine my childhood or for that matter my adulthood without him) so I really wanted to have at least 2, but I think that now that we are going to have 2 I will be content with our cozy little 4-some. Probably because my own family was always a "party of four" I have just always pictured having my own little four person family. Don't get me wrong, I think that having more kids sounds neat too, and I can definitely understand why some families choose to have more. But for me, 2 kids sounds just perfect.

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probably 6. But, who knows. I could end up with a bus.

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I would probably say 6 too.

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Before we started having kids, I'd have said 4. Now I know I want 3, but I think that's it. However, if money etc were no issue and I could have some help and/or not work so much, I might want more. It's hard to imagine that scenario from our very tight spot right now.

Oh, and Mara, you're sure on here a lot for someone who's not TTC Wink

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im one if six
i'll prob say 6 i have 4 kids now

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"browntown" wrote:

I used to say 2, maybe 3 max. DH and I have both agreed that we'll just go with the flow and stop when we feel like our family is complete!

Same for us...although I'm thinking 4 maximum.

If babies were perfect sleepers and money wasn't the issue..and I had a maid and a cook...and I didn't have to work...then 5.

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