Um oops, bfp :)

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Um oops, bfp :)

Not sure how Dh will react, since we were not really ttc, but i am very happy, and a little scared. I have to go out and pick up a few more test this line is really faint but came up at the 5 min mark.

I can't figure out invert on photobucket since they changed things.

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Ooooooooh! I see it!!!! Congrats! You'll have to tell us how your DH reacts!

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Congrats! Even with a blurry pic, there is no missing that line. Smile

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Very happy fir you!!

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Thanks for all the congrats, Dh doesn't seem as excited as i am but he is shocked and scared since he thinks we arent ready for #2.

After going over my chart again and talking wih Dh i am still really unsure about when i ovulated and how many dpo i am since i gave up on temping. The first cycle i tried to postpartum still bf and abnormal waking times kept my temps so crazy i thought it wasn't worth the time.

so no updated pic since the two test i took today the lines were the same if not lighter. I am guessing i must only be like 11 dpo maybe.

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I'm sure he'll come around! It's probably a shock to find out you're going to be parents again unexpectedly, but once be has time to process I'm sure he'll get excited.
By the way, can I add you to the hall of fame? Also, feel free to post on the comparison pics thread.

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Congratulations! Yay for surprises! Biggrin I'm sure he'll come around once he has time to get over the shock. HH9M's!

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we were on the Aug 11 BB together right ?


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