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What do you think?

I'm 9 DPO. The photo was taken after the time limit on the IC's but not the FRER. A faint line showed up on the pink handled IC within 5 minutes, but not the blue handled...

Today's test--11 DPO

Going to pee on a digital on Sunday...

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I see a line on the first one, and faint lines on the second and third (tons of squinting required for the 3rd though lol), GRATS! Hope to see your lines darken over the next few days.

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Even though they are all still squinters I can still see something on all three. I think congrats are in order. Can't wait to see those lines get darker for you.

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This was a bit of an "oops" and I have a history of miscarriage. Ha, and I guess I should update my ticker!!!

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I see something on the first one!!

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I see it on the first test!

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I see it on all three with A LOT of squinting!

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I see it on all three with not much squinting at all!! I think they're all +!!

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i can see it on the first two but not the frer

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Well today the IC is much darker but a digital test reads "not pregnant". I'm going to try my hardest to wait until Sunday to take another digital. Surprised but excited!

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It looks very favorable for preggers to me. I have everything crossed for you that this one sticks. Smile

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I see something very faint on all the tests, most visible on the first. As for digits they aren't as sensitive so you may have to wait for a darker line to try those.

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I can totally see it on the first one! Are you going to take another test to update?