what do you think??

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what do you think??

The top one: Line showed up within 30 seconds of taking it.

THe bottom pic: I took the OPK and it was BLARING positive, so that is when I took the hpt.

Is it real or an evap?

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It could be real. Try another test to confirm?

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I can see both lines. And with an opk like that I have high hopes for you!! How many dpo are you??

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I can see it! Was it FMU? I would take another test!

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Combined with the OPK, I vote BFP!! Congrats girl!!

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looks positive to me!

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That looks positive to me too Smile

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Looks positive to me!! Congrats!!!

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Looks pos to me but I'm confused by your siggy?

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Thats how faint my HPT was on one of those tests the first time to...

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Looks positive to me! Congrats!! Can't hurt to take another just for comparison sake.