What do you think?

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What do you think?

If I ovulated on time I would be 12 dpo

If I ovulated late (which I think I did based on other signs) I would only be 9 dpo

So either way it's early I know!

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I can definitely see where the line is supposed to be. It looks like a line but its hard to tell if its pink or not. Was this within the time range?? Fingers crossed that this is it for you!!

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it did show up within 5 minutes. Honestly it is easier to see in the photo then in person. I guess the bright light helps. I don't really think it has pink. I don't know.. Very hard to tell. I may be testing too early!

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I see something as well it might be a smudge pink it's hard to tell. If its not pink I wouldn't consider it a bfp but I will say the test looks really promising! GL!

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I can see a very faint line!

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I have taken a couple more, they all look similar. I will be 11 dpo tomorrow (well today, Monday) so over the next few days I should have an accurate answer!

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I can see something!! looking forward to an update!

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I see something but not sure if it's pink or not......Good luck!

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I can see it. Looking forward to hearing an update Smile

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I see something!! Update!!!

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I see something too...but it looks grey. Sad
re-test in a few days.

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have you retested? I agree... i see something but it's grey....