Whatchya think??

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Whatchya think??

I have a 3yr old chickadee and Im 4months postpartum with my bfing little dude.

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Beautiful lines!!

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You are most def preggo! Congrats! Smile

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No doubt there! Congrats!

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Holy moly!! That is one dark line!! Congrats!!!

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Yay! A very HH9ms to you! Smile

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Beautiful lines! Congrats!!

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"aphart0" wrote:

Holy moly!! That is one dark line!! Congrats!!!

My exact thoughts!! Congrats!!

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So Beautiful Smile Congrats!

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Wow! Those are some dark, beautiful lines! HH9M to you Smile

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Thanks ladies. Im still in shock. This was a serious holy crap moment! I have no idea when I am due and on my Answer brand tests my test lines are way darker than the control line. But its getting more and more real and I am sure once this shock and awe wears off I'll be happy as a teenager at a rock concert! Biggrin

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OMG!! Congrats!!! You are one little fertile lucky girl!!

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wow i don't think Ive ever seen a test that dark! congrats!

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congrats!!!!!! HH9M!!!