X-posted: EPT - DYSAL? 11DPO....

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X-posted: EPT - DYSAL? 11DPO....

Soooo...Dh is working like always during the weekend (he's a chef.)

All I had left was a dreaded blue dye test, but let's face it... I'm weak. I'm desperate. I took it after a 1.5 hr hold and omg this is all within 3-8 mins.....please tell me this is the beginning of something? I'm hoping and praying it's something... never had even a super duper squinter that was not a pregnancy.

(If you don't know how to read these, it should be going the same direction as the dark blue line to create a + in the circle window.)

and finally at 9 mins. i ripped it off the back to see if the horizontal line was creating an optical illusion but i can still see something going the opposite (test) way!!

Are blue dye tests really so bad that there's always a line no matter what??

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I can see *something* but I would definitely retest with a FRER or at least a pink dye test. Many, many women have had issues with the blue dye test.

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There might be something there, but I have zero faith in that sort of test unless it's a blazing positive. Get yourself another test!!! Biggrin

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I don't see anything sorry. Sad Try using a FRER, I don't trust Blue dye either.

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I *think* I see something....but agree with the other posters that I don't really trust blue die squinters. If it's a huge blazing positive, that I will believe, but they ALL seem to be squinters when it comes to blue dye tests. Good luck! I see that you posted this on Sat, have you tested again since then?

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Ive always tested with blue dye and never had an issue ... but never had a squinter either. Good luck!