XP: What says you? **updated**

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XP: What says you? **updated**

Well, I've had zero symptoms up until last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with my boobs KILLING me. That was an early sign with Rose and Eli for me. Then, I woke up with night sweats all night. Had the same with both of the other kids. I woke up and totally felt pregnant, which again, both kids I *knew* I was pregnant, even with Eli and he was a surprise.

I was out of town with Rose throwing my best friend's baby shower all weekend, so on my way back home today, I stopped at the dollar general to get some dollar tests figuring I could give it a shot, but I'm only around 8 or 9 dpo. I went into a bathroom nearby (with Rose in tow) and took one of them.

THis came up right away:

So, then I was freaking ecstatic and told tommy and sent him the pic and he sees the line, too. He never sees lines.

So, then I got digital tests on my way home (just for you Caneswife) and I took one as soon as I got in the door and it said Not Pregnant. Doesn't super surprise me because I got an early BFP with Rose, and then it said not pregnant for a couple days before it said Pregnant. BUT, it was wigging me out. So, then I took another dollar test. Here it is (please excuse my disgusting grout):

The line looks like the first dollar store test I took (and DH sees this one easily, too).

So, A. do you see anything? and B. Do you think it's too early for the digital or do you think it's an evap on both?

I was all super excited and then the digi said not pregnant and that bummed me out. Sad

Update: the digital said pregnant this morning!! Yay!!

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I see it in both, and I see colour! I think it is too early for a digi though, they're not as sensitive! I think congrats are in order!! Biggrin

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I see it on all the tests! I think it is just too early for the digi to show up. Wait until 12 dpo or so, then I bet it agrees!

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I totally see them in both! I waited until 14DPO on my digi because I didn't want to see the "not". Wink Congrats!

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Congrats, I see it in all the pics!!

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I agree with pp. I think it's too early on the digi and I totally see lines in all those pics!!! Congrats!!!!!

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I see the lines! You are preggo! It is just too early for the digi, they are less sensitive so it takes longer for that beautiful "PREGNANT" to come up Smile

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I don't like dollar store tests because they don't like me, lol, but that is one pretty perfect pink line. Those definitely look positive, especially if you got 3 that look about the same. Congrats! Biggrin I wouldn't worry about the digi, they usually require a higher hcg level.

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Yay I see it!!!

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Maybe head to Walmart and grab a real test (Like an Answer brand)?
Those look pretty though Smile

Come join us over in February '12.

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Awesome!! I see it in both lines!! Yay & Congrats!

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I definitely see it!

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No pics of the Digi!?!?!?!?!?!? Congrats to you!

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CONGRATULATIONS!! (Digital's always take longer to show positive)

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Awwww, congrats! :cloud9:

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I see the lines in your tests and I am super happy your digi shows pregnant Smile YAY!!! Congrats and as Mindie said, come join us on the Feb 2012 board. We are more than happy to have you with us!