Boy potty

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Boy potty

I'm not doing elimination communication intentionally but figured you might be best equipped to make a recommendation. I have 5 month old boy/girl twins and my son has HATED a damp diaper since he was a couple of weeks old. He generally goes in his diapers (cloth in the day, disposable at night) and freaks out afterward. For whatever reason, he's super easy to read and anticipate his pee needs, so when I can and to avoid the freakout, I take off his diaper for him and hold a cloth diaper under him or hold him over the toilet. As soon as he's able to sit up on his own I'd like to get him a potty. To my point ... is there a potty that works especially well for tiny boys?

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I really like the BabyBjorn potty. DD sat in it un assisted at 5 months. It is sort of like sitting in Bumbo.
She also has a stream and range to rival her brother. The rased part in the front keeps it all in.