DD amazes me!

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DD amazes me!

We were out last night running errands. Then we went to see a movie (DS is visiting his grand parents, so DH and I decided to go see something that was not kid friendly). She had a fit about being in her car seat. Usually that is when we have accidents at home. When we got the theater, I took her to change her diaper, and she was dry! I held her over a toilet and told her to pee in the potty. And she did!!! Usually, I carry a portable training seat to go over public toilets, but I did not have it at hand.

I have noticed that she is going father between potty breaks, and is peeing more at the time. She is even waking up dry, if she sleeps through the night and does not nurse. I can't wait to see her in undies!

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WOOHOO! That's awesome!

Isn't it great to not have to change diapers?

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that's awesome!! WTG!!!