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EC funny

TOday and tomorrow, I am on the road. Traveling from my home town to where I currently reside.
I don't do much EC on the road. Public bathrooms are a bit gross with all the tourist going around. I do have a potty in the car, but don't always use it.

This afternoon, we stopped for a quick bathroom break. I was trying to get to DH grand parents before it was too much past supper time.

I changed DD diaper, but did not put her on the pot. She threw a big fit when I tried to put her back into the carseat. So I pulled out the potty and sat her on it, right in the parckinglot by the car. I was expecting a pee. But she had a big poop. My original plan was just to dump the pee on the ground. The sun would of had it dried up in no time. But I could not do that with poop! There were no garbage cans close at had.

In the end, I used the old diaper to scoop up the poop and found a garbage can near the gas tanks.

Without EC, she would of had to sit in her poop for an other 45 minutes. Shudder!

She has started to say 'Poo poo" when she needs to go, again.

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DD used to feel sad when her little ones would "hold it" during long rides home from big brother's school. Amazing that very young ones can wait at all. Being able to sign or speak their needs is amazingly helpful. DD used to know where all the toilets were at the box stores and groceries. Other parents would be amazed while they used the changing tables and she would bop in a toilet stall and be out in no time at all. :eek: Her DH really enjoyed showing off this talent too.

Yes, sitting in poop has got to be awful...even more so than cleaning it up afterwards.

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WTG Juliet!

Evie used to hate having poop in her diaper right after starting solids. I remember her first poop "on the road" was in the evening in the parking lot at the Craigellachie attraction just off Hwy 1 in BC. I believe Evie must have told or signalled us, b/c the last place I wanted Evie to go potty #2 would have been out in the parking lot right by the hwy as it was getting dark!

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that's awesome!!! wtg and i'm not sure what i'm gonna do on trips, most of our trips are by bus and stroller, might have to find an acceptable tupperware bucket! munchkin brand makes this awesome little duck, it's the same idea as the dog poop bags! smells like lavender and is made with arm and hammer for smell. work great for all kinds of smelly on the road jobs!