Good days, bad days

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Good days, bad days

Yesterday was a bad EC day. Other than her morning poo, DD refused the potty the rest of the day. Even right after naps. She cried every time I tried to put her on it. She is teething at the moment, cutting her top front teeth. She was cranky and clingy all day. She kept giving me her signal for potty, but was just doing it to be picked up. The few times I ignored her, because I was trying to get a meal together or deal with DS, she peed her pants. I think she was holding on.

Today on the other hand, she did not pee herself once. She woke up dry. And stayed that way even when I took DS to an indoor playground, for him to play with peers and out of the rain. In the three hours we were there, I took DD to the bathroom three times. They have these small toilets for little kids. She peed twice and refused the potty the last time. However, she was dry when we got home. Tonight, I sent a dry cloth diaper to the wash.

There are good days and bad days.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should take her to the potty when she is asking over and over, but refusing to use it once I get her there. I don't want to turn her off the potty, but at the same time I want to enforce that her signaling me that way means going to the potty.

She makes a 'mmmm mmmm' sound and holds up her hands and waves them back and forth.

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Tough call. You, as her mother, probably know her best. Consistency is the key – whatever it is.

DD pulled the screaming and crying whenever we took her to the potty starting at about 6mo, even when she did the sign. I tried to keep taking her, but realized, like you, that it was her only signal so if she wanted to be picked up, she’d do it too. Is there a possibility to teach her some new signs to try to differentiate between potty and snuggles?

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Louise - That is a tough one! I think you're doing a great job! I don't really know much about EC b/c I'm so new to it, but just wanted to offer encouragement! From what I understand there will be those good and rough days. Keep up the good work momma! Smile

Sarah - What did you do when she started going through that crying stage? Did you still make her sit there crying? I'm starting to wonder how to handle this situation. I feel like i'm walking a fine line. I don't want him to hate the potty but I also don't want to give up. He doesn't cry every time, just sometimes. I moved the potty from the boring bathroom to his bedroom where there are more things to look at and he seems to like that better... Just wondering if we end up in that crying stage, how others have handled it... thanks!

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I would keep taking her to the potty, Louisa, even if she's really using it to be picked up. Even if she refuses it when she gets there, I would go through the motions of taking off her diaper and putting her on it, even if just for a minute. This is for the sake of consistency.

I used to do that with Evie. She was always PO'd when she refused but I still had her sit on the potty for a minute. It didn't take more than a week to help her understand that asking for potty meant "potty", not being picked up and held. Then Evie stopped signalling potty and used other body language for comfort.

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good days and bad days… ah these are the times!!! jade does this too especially when something in her life changes (overnight company, teeth, even a big weather change) we try to stay consistent, if she says (signs) potty then it means she goes potty or she needs to learn to stop saying it for everything (took about a week for this to stop!). as for the screaming/crying, this is when we got some cute potty books (little critters has a cute one that she loves!) and we do songs and things to distract her from the fact that she's on the potty, then make a HUGE deal when she goes! this works most of the time! ITA with others though, as the parent this is about communicating with YOUR child and what works for you and them is the best thing!!