How to get started?

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How to get started?

DS is almost 4 months old and I've started putting him on the potty from time to time. The second day I started this I caught two pees. Since then we haven't had much luck. I have only put him on it a couple of times... Also he tends to poo either while BFing or during nap time... It making it difficult to catch!

Suggestions? How did you get started??

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I started with DD when she was 4 months.

I noticed that she was dry right when she woke up from naps, and that is where we started. The first day we caught 2 pee. Then I put her on first thing in the morning, and about 20 minutes after feeds. A few days later, she pooped in the potty, and since then she seldomly poops in her diaper. When she does, she gets really upset.

I use a Baby Bjorn potty. DD was able to sit on her own on it at around 5 months. I find they sit on it a bit like in a Bumbo. Best $2 spent at a thrift store in ever.

I was reading on other sites about EC, and they say to leave the baby on the pot only for a few minutes. I have found that it is not long enough for DD. Especially for poop. If she does not pee right away, I will leave her on for 5 minutes. We play together, read a book. Right now, she loves to empty out her laundry basket or play with her shoes. If she does not pee in a few minutes, I lift her up and check then put her back on the potty for a few more minutes. That will often trigger a pee. Like it reminds her why she is there.

Now, at 7 months, she signals that she needs to go by saying 'mmmmm mmmmm' and holding her arms in the air. I've tried to teach her the sign for potty, but she has not caught on to that. However, she will ask for potty when she wants to be picked up too. She is a smart cookie, and knows I will pay attention to her if she askes for potty.

What I think is important about EC:

-> Focus on the pees and poops that you catch and not on the misses.
We have good days, where DD is dry all day, other days I have to change her diaper every check. Over all we average less than 3 diapers a day.

-> Babies have tiny bladers and are on a liquid diet. They only pee about 1oz at a time.
So, expect to catch a pee but miss the next one that comes ten minutes later. Baby books say that they do not have bladder control at this age. I don't think it is not that they don't have bladder control, they just don't have bladder capacity. DD now is going longer between potty stops, and I have noticed that she is peeing more. When she started to tell me she needed to pee, I had about 2 minutes to get her to a potty, now she can hold for 5 to even 10 minutes. This is usefull when you have to deal with something else at that moment in time. DD is now waking up dry in the morning every 3 or 4 days. You can't tell me that is not bladder control!

-> Learn to your child's own cues and respond to them.
This is easier saind than done, especialy when you are busy and have aother demands on your attention. I mis pees when I am trying to get a meal on the table or dealing with DD who is 5.

-> It is okay to do EC part time.
I've tried to take DD pee when out and about when she asks, but in the line up at the grocery store, it is not possible. I also find, that in a new setting, she will be more busy looking at all the new things around and not pee. Although, she has peed on occasion.

I hope this helps a bit. I wish I had lots of experience to know if DD is really an exception. I regret not trying it with DS. However, reading about EC on the net, she fits in with what they said.

Good luck. Keep us up to date.

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Louise! Thanks so much for all the info!! It looks like I am on the right track! Smile I was home for a few days so I started offering the potty more often. He has gotten really good at it in only a few short days. I have still yet to catch the elusive poo, but he is getting really good at peeing!! He usually pees within 5-10 seconds of me sitting him on it. I sit him on the potty first thing in the morning and then usually when I'm changing his diaper. He pee'd 4 times yesterday and also once this morning. I've noticed that he doesn't poo all night so I was sitting him on it a lot yesterday trying to catch that poo. Haha. He finally poo'd at 2:00 yesterday when he was nursing. DH and I just laughed about it bc I had been trying so hard to catch it. Every time he toots I run him to the potty!! Wink

We also have a baby Bjorn (with the high back) and he has gotten more consistent since he started using it instead of the big potty. Yesterday during one of his pees he started peeing, stopped and then started again. I was excited bc he is using his muscles to do that! Smile

Thanks again for your personal story. It's nice to know we are on the right track. I have had a hard time finding stories on the Internet of actual experiences VS just general knowledge.

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Welcome!!! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner.

It seems you are completely on the right track. I’ve done EC with 3 kids, and I have to say that Louise is completely right about learning your own baby’s cues.

Going for first thing in the morning, and after naps is the very best way to get started IMO. All my kids will pee if you get them right after they wake up, even Ivy who was the most stubborn and refused at all other times.

Not stressing out is also super important. With DS1 I would get so frustrated because I would miss so many pees, but now, it’s just part of life! In terms of poops, one day you will see your DS do something and it will click (because you are paying attention) that that’s what he does when he poops! I just realized about2 months ago that when Leo does the “bulldozer” (pushes his nose on the floor and pushes with his feet), that he’s usually trying to poop. Why didn’t I ever realize that before?

Also, we haven't had much luck with potties, especially for the really little ones. We just hold them under their thighs above the toilet/sink/grass in the backyard.

Anyway, I just thought I’d welcome you.

Would you like a thread (or Trail) to keep track of your progress? I can get one started for you. We love to have some people come along. There aren’t that many of us, but we all come back regularly to see what everyone’s up to.

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Thanks so much Sara! Yes I'd love a trail. I don't know much about it and I mostly only get on on my phone, but it would be cool to have a way to track my progress Smile

As a side note. I remember you from the may '09 board. I have a friend that was on that board and I had been ttc back then. I was heartbroken when I heard about Reed and still think of him and your family often!

Thanks again for the warm welcome and words of encouragement!

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welcome and ita with the others sounds like you are off to a great start!!!! good luck and look forward to reading future updates on your progress!!!

i love having the trail here, i can look back for encouragement on her progress, ask for help, and vent when frustrated! plus it will be a fun thing to print to add to the baby book, no guessing when later in life they ask questions! lol! keep up the great work!

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Sorry I'm late, hardly check here much anymore as Evie is completely PT'd (as in both day and night).

But WELCOME!! So glad to see you here! Smile

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Thanks everyone! I'm excited to be here. I love ECing and think its the coolest thing when I set his tiny bum on the potty and he pees right away. I just wish he would do the poopy thing on the potty also. I read that sometimes when babies latch on and off your boob repeatedly then it can be a sign that they need to go... He does that from time to time and often times poops afterwards (I just never connected the dots before) so my next step is to try that. I am also going to decide on some sort of a poo noise (like how we say pssss when he pees) and then when he poos i'm going to do the poo noise. Then when he sits on the potty i'll prompt him with the poo noise and see if I can get him to figure it out that way. I think if I can catch a poo then he'll totally get it. He hates sitting in it and he caught on to peeing very quick!

I'll KUP! Smile