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Looking for opinions

(I don't want a debate, just opinions, if that makes sense?)
I read this today in a certain baby update for 19mo 1st week.

Most children this age aren't ready for toilet training yet. But if yours is pulling her pants up and down as grownups do in the bathroom, she may be ready to try soon

Do you think most are ready? or do you think really most should be older? I know everyone here starts a little sooner than most, but I feel by ~18 mo most kids are able to start trying to PT.
My mom said she had all 7 of us PTed by 18 mo. I know other people non ECers whose kids are PTed by 18-20 mo. My personal opinion (I am no doctor or specialist or even been around too many kids) is that most kids could at least try at this point?

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I found some stats the other day on potty training:
Before the washer machine was invented ( pre 1930's) 75% of children were potty trained by 13 months.
Between 1930 and 1970's, when disposable diapers became cheaper and people had more money, the avarage age was 18 months.
Since diapers have become cheap and easy, the average potty training age is 36 months.

So, are our children getting more stupid where it comes to potty training, or parents more lazy?

Many people argue that early potty training is not potty training, because the child can not physically make it to the toilet and take down their pants. If we follow that line of logic, then why wash and clothe babies? They can't do it on their own. We should wait until they can do it on their own.

My DD is 7 months old. I've been putting her on the potty since she turned 4 months. She can't say 'pee'. However, I do recognise that when she cries a certain way, she needs to go potty. When she refuses to go back to sleep at night, she needs to go potty. She can't hold for a long time, and her bladder can only hold an once or two, but I think she can hold on for a few minutes.

She is far from being 'clean' but we average three diapers a day. More money in my pocket and less in the garbage.

That is my two cents.

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That is true, maybe I should stop bathing my kids, since they can't do it themselves. Lol
My fil thinks that the diaper companies are the ones who make the studies saying it is too hard or emotionally traumatizing to start them so young. I have never understood that argument at all?? I mean about it being traumatizing, it is a natural body function.

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I suppose it could be traumatizing to be beaten for not peeing in the correct place. On the other hand, I would think it equally traumatizing to be walking around in a poopy diaper or pants and being told by other kids “You stink” – which can happen at 2 as well. If the true issue is locomotion, then age shouldn’t be an issue. Most kids can crawl by 9mo old… And walking by 16months…

Anyway, I definitely think that Ivy, at least, was very easy to toilet train at 14months. She wanted to please so badly. Yes, she’d miss (and still misses on occasion when she’s super busy or tired), but that’s not a big deal compared to poopy pants… I can’t remember the last time we had one of those from Ivy.

And the joy of not having to change diapers is…WAY beyond the hassle of teaching them to go to the toilet or potty!

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my personal opinion on the matter is follow your gut, if it feels like it's time and the child is happy to assist in learning this skill then go for it. here they actually tell you from the public health not to even bother before they are two because they won't get it :confused: then you get parents like my step mom and step sister who think it's traumatizing to let them in the bathroom with you when you go (my thoughts, they dont know if they've never seen it) and just wait till 2 or later and then fight. some kids get it right away, others take longer, it's another skill like walking, talking and eating, each kid progresses on their own path, but need some guidance to know that those paths exist.

okay that rant said! we bought jade a potty when she was 7 mo and she did great for a while, then got distracted with teething and a bunch of other milestones but still remembers and can sign for it and goes through periods of great advancement with it (two steps forward one step back type of thing!) and then takes a break. we just follow her clues and go with it!

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I remember reading an Alberta Health Services newsletter that actually said a child cannot be PT'd until they were at least 2 years old.

What. The. Heck?!?!?!?!

Reading that makes me so livid, b/c of course all of us have been able to some degree EC our baby/toddler at some point before 2 years old. And now so many mothers (esp new moms) would never try EC based on this statement.


I think that there are "windows of opportunities" when a baby could be PT'd/EC. Obviously, the earlier you can start, the better for awareness. However, if you miss those earliest opportunites b/c caring for a newborn is very tiring etc., it's ok as there are always opportunities, just so long as you continue to observe your kid for readiness.

For example, we stumbled into EC at 6 mths, and only b/c Evie could demostrate she was ready (by holding her poop for a nice clean diaper underneath her at the change table). She was PT'd for #2 way earlier than #1 (lack of awareness), but still managed more or less to be day trained by 20-22 mths and day and nite trained by 26 mths. Sure, there were times when she backtracked and it was really discouraging, but so do most except for the few who get it right away. But they are the exceptions and not the rule.