An othe positive with EC, especially with girls

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An othe positive with EC, especially with girls

DH was minding DD the other night. She pooped her diaper (first time in weeks). She was super cranky, but DH thought it was because I was not caring for her. We also had a cold, so our nose were not working well.

When I picked DD up, I realised the had pooped her diaper. When I cleaning out all her little folds, it really struck me that with her going on the potty, there is no dirt getting up in her girly parts. And, she did not like having me clean down there at all, no matter how gentle I was trying to be.

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well boo dh comment, BUT YAY to the rest! it's great how they get used to the idea of one way or the other and once they do they are soo much more willing to cooperate!