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When did your LOs start signaling that they need to go? I am still making "catches". I put him on the potty every time we change him and he pees probably half the time. Mostly right when he wakes up from sleeping. For poo I try and catching him pushing or grunting or whatever. I have been working with him since he turned 3 months and is now almost 7.5 months. Still no signing or signaling that I can tell. Just wondering when it should happen??

Thanks ladies!! Smile

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I asked that questin a while back. Some said around 7 months.
Juliet has started at 11 months, but she is not consistant with it.
However, a few days ago I asked her if she wanted to pee and she nodded yes. She's into nodding yes and no.

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yep jade was between 7-8 months and has only gotten better with it, but we started showing her the sign for it when we went around 6 months just for prep. i know some kids that havent signalled at all till 1 1/2 years.