Thinking about EC

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Thinking about EC

I was checking out the Baby and Beyond blogs and Elimination Communication caught my eye, so I read the welcome and information sticky and then checked out a couple of the websites mentioned. After reading a few of the threads here, I am really wanting to give this a try. I gave DH a quick low down on the concept and practice and told him I wanted to try it. It probably won't be a FT thing with us, more PT to occasional. Now I need to start paying attention to when DS does his eliminations. I think I pretty much have his cues for pooping down, but for pee I have no clue. Hopefully starting with first thing in the morning and after naps potties will help steer me in the right direction. I would very much like to have a painless, stress free transition to being potty trained as a bonus side affect.

Hopefully I can get started on this soon and can blaze my own trail!

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Yay!! More people!

My advice is to get caught up on the cues. Once you start taking your LO potty you'll start noticing it.

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Welcome to the board!! You are planning basically what we have done. We put him on the potty every time we change his diaper. Poo has been tough for us bc he pretty much only does it while nursing. And I dont get any cues or warnings. Just BAM and there it is! Ha!

GL and I hope it is a good experience. I love the time that DS and I spend while he is on the potty. He likes it too! Smile And that's a big part of what it's all about.

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Welcome and good luck!!!! we started by just buying the potty and putting her on it whenever we did a diaper change, moved everything into the bathroom and moved up to whenever we go she sits too as well as diaper changes. hit or miss sometimes but the idea and concept is there and ready now! good luck and look forward to tracking your progress!!!