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Thread: Update on DD and EC

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    Default Update on DD and EC

    We have good days, and we have bad ones. We average about three diapers a day. We usually miss a pee when she gets mad, or I get busy and can't get to her. She usually wakes up at 3am, I often take her potty. She is sometimes dry, and sometimes dry in the morning too.

    Poos accidents are few and far between. They usually happen because we are out and about, or it is in the middle of the night/early morning and I am too tiered to think about putting her on the potty.

    She can sit on her potty all by herself now. That enables me to fold her laundry while she is doing her thing. Sometimes, I run for a quick pee too.

    She has not signed yet, but has started to make a sound close to poo. I am trying to make her associate that sound with the potty. It would be great if she had a clear way to tell us she needs to go when she starts daycare in September. Did any of you take your EC trained child to daycare? How did that work out?

    Do any of you do this: If I discovered her diaper is wet, I'll still put her on the potty for a little bit?


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    Wow, she is absolutely amazing! WTG!!

    DD was a bit older when she started daycare (18 mths old) and well on her way to EC. The daycare had set times to change diapers, and put the toddlers on the toilet if they were PT. So I just told the daycare that DD was being PT, and transitioning from pull ups to underwear. They told me to just ditch the pull ups and put her in underwear to assist her in learning to PT and they would work with the parents on PT.

    So daycare was really good about working with us to promote her getting potty trained. You will want to talk to your childcare provider to see if and how they can accommodate EC, since it is pretty rare a baby is doing EC.

    And yes! If her diaper is wet, it's good to put her on the potty anyway, in case she has more pee to come (you'd be surprised). What's better tho is that she will eventually learn to hold her pee, so that later one, she'll pee a bit in the diaper and then let you know she wants the potty to finish her pee!
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    WTG THAT's awesome! jade is just getting over a break but i loved it when she was able to communicate somehow, great job associating something to the potty! yep even during her break i make her sit and we play a little game (usually with the diaper, she loves princess diaper head!) and then i lay out the diaper for her. sometimes she'll go while shes distracted with out game and then i can make a big deal out of it! keep up the great work!!!!
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    Both Reed and Ivy went to a day home at around 1year. At that point, Reed would only pee on the toilet. He couldn’t walk yet. We simply asked the woman at the day home to put him on the potty whenever she took the older kids to the potty (every 1-2 hours). We only got one wet diaper a day – nap time at the day home. He usually pooped in the morning before we left.

    As for Ivy, she refused to use a potty until she was 14mo when she started walking well, then suddenly she was a pro. She, too, would go to the potty if she was taken with the other kids.

    Communication was helpful, amd the availability of the potty (actually they both preferred the toilet seat insert) even more-so.
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