1 year of breastfeeding!

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1 year of breastfeeding!

I made it a year!!! Yahoo Ben is nursing about once a night and once in the morning by his choice. STTN here and there. He's been on whole milk for about 3 weeks. He seems fine with it and I'm enjoying the rest. Sad that it seems it will end soon and he is my last but I's so glad I made it this far! :grouphug: Thanks for all the encouragement and support!

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Congratulations and great job!!! You never know, he could hold onto those two sessions for awhile actually!

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That is awesome! Congrats on making it a year. WTG!

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CONGRATS!!! :party:

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Congrats! Smile

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Yahoo That's so wonderful! Congrats to you!! One year is my goal with Trystan. If he BF any longer I'm fine as well, but at least if I can get to one year I know he'd be OK without me!!

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Yay Beth! That is awesome! Smile

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Thanks all!!!! Biggrin

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That. is. AWESOME!!! Biggrin Congratulations and good work, mama!

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YAY!!! Smile