About to run out of domp. should I take my reglan?
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Thread: About to run out of domp. should I take my reglan?

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    Default About to run out of domp. should I take my reglan?

    I didn't realize I was as low as I thought and I'm about to run out of domperidone. I reordered about 5 days ago and it usually takes 2 weeks ford me to get. I have a rx of reglan from my c-section (not sure why doctor haver me). Should I takes the reglan until the domperidone gets here then go back to the domperidone? I know they both work the same way but the reglan has more side effects.

    Thanks in advance ladies!

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    EEK. I am not sure about that girl.... reglan and Dom both work in completely different ways..

    let me go do some research and come right back...

    ETA: OK did a little look see.. I would NOT recommend using the Reglan. While I cannot see where there would be any interaction between the medications, your hormones could really shift from the change!!

    I wish I had some extra Dom around to send you! It is such a pain to run out! The good news is when it finally arrives you will get your supply back up! I used to order 900-1000 at a time. It costs more upfront, but you save a ton in the longrun!
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    I'm back, baby.

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