Alcohol - nursing?

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Alcohol - nursing?

So, I simply avoided alcohol altogether from the time I started trying to get pregnant right until I finished producing milk for my first. With my second, I did the same, and I still haven't had a drop even being down to just one nursing session a day, right before he goes to bed. But I am going out for a night on the town with some friends tomorrow, and I'm wondering about whether it would be ok to partake? It would be after I've nursed him for the night, obviously, and the next time I nurse would be the following night. Does the alcohol dissipate from your body, including your milk, by the next day? Does anyone know? If it doesn't I just won't drink, but I wasn't sure how that worked. Anybody?

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I'm not sure on the "exact" length of time it's in your system, but you should be fine. I have a drink or two occasionally at night after he's in bed and he nurses the next morning and is always fine. Go have a drink and enjoy yourself!!!

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Alcohol in BM works like it does with your blood. If you're sober enough to drive, you're sober enough to BF. Smile

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Great, thank you!!

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My goodness! Go have a drink! Like Jackie said, it only remains in your BM as long as it's in your blood. My rule is I don't drink to the point where I feel more than a slight buzz and I wait until after she's tanked up for the evening. I've nursed her after having a drink (while having a drink) a few times but it's just to get her to go back to sleep. She nurses for like half a second and is out again. I figure she's not getting much alcohol if any at all. I get drinks that are lower in alcohol content so I can enjoy drinking with others without having to cut my evening really short. Dark beers like stouts and porters are good for that. I can make a glass of wine last a really long time. If you're getting mixed drinks you can ask the bartender to make it half strength.

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Yes, you should be fine! Like Jackie said, it doesn't get stored in your breastmilk. Just as your blood alcohol goes down after a while, the same goes for your breastmilk. Enjoy!

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Heck yeah, go have a great time. If you are sober by the next time you nurse him (and my gosh I'd hope you'd be by the next night, lol) then you aren't giving him any alcohol. Smile I have had 1 drink and nursed, and I've gone to a wedding overnight and had more than one drink - not nursing until the next day, and no problem either.
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Thanks for the link Carrie. I often quote this portion to concerned on-lookers "Less than 2% of the alcohol consumed by the mother reaches her blood and milk" but I'd forgotten the source so I didn't mention it here.

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All of the literature on this states that you should avoid breastfeeding (or pump and dump for comfort) for a minimum of 2 hours per drink from the time you finish your last drink. So if you go out and have 2 beers and you finish your second beer at 10pm you should avoid nursing until at least 2am.

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"alwayssmile" wrote:

Alcohol in BM works like it does with your blood. If you're sober enough to drive, you're sober enough to BF. Smile

This 100%

Enjoy yourself mama...I have a drink now and then and i still nurse even in the middle of the night. I never drink to get drunk as a mom to 3 little ones i need a drink now and then.


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