allergic reaction to bm or diaper?

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allergic reaction to bm or diaper?

my 3 week old daughter has developed a rash on her inner thighs where her diaper meets on her is red and peeling..she is also a little red over the entire diaper area...could this be a reaction to the diapers? we have been using pampers since birth...she has also been breastfeed and I haven't eaten anything different . Today she seems to cry just before/when urinating???any ideas?

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I would try a different diaper. Also, she might have a urinary tract infection. Might be time to call the doc.

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My first thought is reaction to the diaper. It is chemicals after all. Did you move up a size or to a different type of pampers? Some are known for causing awful rashes, but it's not the newborn size if I remember correctly. A bad rash can be painful when pee hits it. Giver her butt lots of air time! If you think it's a UTI see a doctor, just know they'll have to cath her for a urine sample more than likely.

ETA: If she's allergic to something in the milk, it usually affects their mood. They'll scream, have colic symptoms, reflux issues, etc. Not diaper rash. My daughter is allergic to dairy. No diaper rash issues, but lots of "colic" and reflux issues that solved themselves by me cutting out dairy.

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I'd say it's the diaper as well. Switch to either a no chemical/natural disposable diaper or cloth and give it air.