ARGH!! Who does frenulectomies on 12 week olds??

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ARGH!! Who does frenulectomies on 12 week olds??

Okay, so just got off the phone with a pediatric dentist an hour away that MY dentist recommended for Evie's frenulectomy. They won't do it until closer to age 5. She suggested checking with the oral surgeon, but thinks they won't do it until at least a year old for general anesthesia concerns.......

I don't know what's supposed to happen here, but I was hoping to get it over with and avoid the "break it on her own" scenario that would give me a MAJOR anxiety attack.....

The ped dentist says that if she doesn't break it on her own it will likely cause a gap between her two center teeth and she will need braces and then if it hasn't been clipped yet and the braces come off and the teeth separate again, then it will need to be clipped... yada yada yada.... Now you're talking major bookoo bucks for something that we could just get it over with now to prevent the whole braces scenario! I don't want to wait until she's a year old when I know for a fact, that little babies have had them before.

I just want to scream!!!


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Wouldn't it normally be done by an ENT?? It is here. My nephew had one and it was snipped by an ENT (granted he wasn't bf so they didn't worry about it until he was a couple years old and then it was under general anesthetic), but both my niece and my cousin's newborn were seen by an ENT at only a couple months' old regarding the same (niece didn't actually have one and the ENT is going to snip cousin's ds's).

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can you try calling Dr Kotlow's office in Albany, NY and getting the number of a ped dentist trained by him with the lasers? He's the one who basically pioneered the whole thing.

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:lurk: Is it that now your baby is too old?? My 2 oldest both got it done in the hospital before we left after delivery. It was their tongue, not their upper lip, is that the difference?

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definitely get in touch with Dr. Kotlow in NY

eta: if you email them, he gets back to you quickly and can recommend someone closer to you

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Thank you all. I don't think it's an age issue, it's an experience issue. Her upper frenulem is so thick and prominent that no body wants to touch it. It wasn't discovered until she was 5 weeks old (I noticed it) and then the dr didn't see it until I pointed it out at her 7 week check up (didn't have a 6 week check up) and I've just been getting the pass around since then.

I did call the LC at my hospital and she called an ENT and they want me to bring her in for him to look at it. I'm calling them Monday.